Peoples Championship Update

As you know Mother Nature beat up and flooded Jordan Creek midweek. After the waters receded, we have 17 playable holes! Hole 2…at least for saturday, will be skipped and a temporary hole will be inserted between holes 8 and 9.

Throughout Saturday…we may opt to play shorter pins both rounds instead of just the first. Hole 8…has a sippy-hole in the middle of the fairway and i’ve cleared with Big Dog at the PDGA that you can take relief LATERALLY or STRAIGHT BACK.

Many thank yous go out to the folks who kept social media in the loop, organized and performed work parties today!

The Peoples Championship is just that…a celebration of golfers and friends who share the same interest and want to have a great time!

Registration is from 8-930 on Saturday. Generous break between rounds. After round 2…Pizza pies will arrive for player dining and socializing while golfers participate a CTB!


New Podcast!


MrDG Events Update!

Peoples Championship now a USADGC Qualifier!

Peoples Champ Info!

Peoples’ Champ Registration opens tomorrow at 8pm!!! Can Devin go for the Frederick 4th-peat! Or can someone dethrone the Peoples Champ?

3 qualifying spots for the Maple Hill Open are on the line for the 3 top best scores in any division!!! Thanks Steve Dodge for allowing this event to be another qualifier and get some PA/NJ/DE Muscle on the farm!