LLS Dubs a success!

56 golfers came out to South Mountain DGC in Bethlehem, PA for a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Doubles event.   We moved all the baskets short and used the shorter teepads for a fun day!  In Pro, Hank Hendry & John Walton won with an overall score of 80!!!   two rounds of 40….28 down on the day!!  Advanced Jason Sipos & Tim Snyder dominated with an 84.   In Intermediate, Billy and Charlie did up a nice 94!   In Rec…aka..the bagger division today…. Brad Alden and his partner were bested by Anthony Karb and Mike Kokosky in a 4 hole playoff as both team came into the clubhouse with 96s!  Ladies Kit Bassett & Marci Klinger took the Ladies win and James Care & g/f, Danielle Weil won the 5 team mixed field with a 99!

Aces were had in round one on hole #11 by Ron Erb and in round two on hole #2 by BOB Graham.

After nearly 30 raffles were drawn….and donations were counted…the LLS Somo Shorty Doubles raised over $1,000.00 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of the Lehigh Valley!  Thank you golfers for coming out for a great cause!!

Many thanks to the sponsor getters and organizers Jason Sipos, Michelle Defiore, Jean Kopchak, Tim Kopchak, Nicole Kopchak, & Dan Rinaldi!


Reflecting back on the weekend.


This past weekend at the Pocono Open…I made the decision to play in the MPO. I felt confident going into the round and have no issue ‘donating’ by playing up.

By playing up, I’m getting to play with folks much better than me…and I’m continuing to learn and evaluate my game. I played my first round with guys who I consider friends, but more importantly, my mentors and longtime movers and shakers of the local area.

All 4 of the guys I played with have been playing for years ( highest PDGA number of the 4 was ~ 16000) and while playing which such players would intimidate some, I’ve never felt more comfortable playing with these guys. Throughout the round was positive chatter and ultimately everything said was favored to encourage each other. They all took pride in someone hitting a great shot/line/putt and this truly pressed upon me a great feeling.

Mid round my distance drives were off and I got down on myself, without hesitation one golfer said…”you’re dipping your shoulder and pulling up. ” That fast, I smiled and could relate to my mistake. I went on to the next hole and left myself an easy bird. The great thing I felt was, these guys are watching me…and taking in my game. Ideally, it made me stay more in tuned to their play the rest of the round and ultimately the same in round 2.

In round 2, I started off with a bogie train…3 bogies in a row. This was frustrating but I moved passed and continued playing my game. The rest of the round was uneventful, basically parring out with a scattered bird here and there. Then came hole 16. In the first round, I managed a pretty easy three on par 3.5/4 hole. In rd 2…I hit early wood and took my second throw from just beyond the mando. My 2nd throw was a nice easy hyzer leaving me an easy shot for 3…an ultimately a drop in 4. I released the 2nd throw and whacked the tree 7 feet in front of me, now the wind in my sails folded. I threw my third shot and landed in a nice open area. I threw my 4th shot and slid past the basket behind a tree. This left me with a 15 ft straddle putt. Nothing too difficult to save face and take my 5 and walk away. As I let the putt go I felt my stomach drop, doink! I short-armed and barely hit the cage. I tapped out for 6 and moved on. Walking to the next tee…I was mentally spent but knew I had 3 more holes to go.

I ended up finishing out par, birdie, par…and while upset at my play….i looked back at my two rounds and knew my mistakes. Knowing these mistakes is giving me the ammunition to improve my game…and ultimately my psyche. We all strive to be best at our game and being competitive really keeps most of in the game, but for me…I remembered back to the first throw of the day…and realized the fun I had and accomplishments I made.

Too often we focus on the negatives of the game and it may just be human nature and our fight of competitiveness but I felt like I won. I may have not cashed…I may have not played my best…but I know for certain I had fun. I had the chance to play golf with the guys I look up to…the players we all admire, guys that I really don’t know since we never played together. I got to witness greatest on all accounts beit an amazing out from the side of a fairway, a 60 ft putt that looked routine, a lefty making a righty hole look easy. Driving home after long day I may have not finished top 10 in my field, but I finished near the top in my personal player experience, player respect, and player attitude.

For those guys I played with this weekend, thank you. Thank you for your guidance, your camaraderie, and the biggie….your love for the game!

Pocono Open is a wrap!!

A great day was had by many at the Hickory Run Pocono Open! In the end, Justin Madore reigned victorious in the Pro Field. Austin Krise took down the Advanced Division while his brother Skyer Krise fended off the intermediate field. Jon Jo won a 3 way 1 hole playoff in Rec. Kate Stashwon advanced ladies and Tricia Lafferty won Rec ladies. Our lone Junior, Ben Seachrist shot well in his first event as well!

Congrats to the $160 dollar ace on hole 11 in rd 1 by Chris Frederick.

thank you all that trekked out especially those who drove 3+ hrs to come play! Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events!!

Full details of the event are here: http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/17859

Pocono Open – June 14th – Hickory Run State Park

Blue Mountain Open Results are in!

The Mondo Blue Mountain event is in the books!!! 1 round of 36 holes was wicked!!!! Scores are here: http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/17856

Congrats to Dave Huber on his ace on peak hole #16 for $116.

Awesome victories by Sean Raymond, Marc Schoettle, Matt Egan, Brian Zesch, Richard Engelmann, Brad Alden, Wendy Ferguson & Dylan Thompson!!

Great times to a unique event! Good luck to those playing dubs tomorrow!!

Pocono Open registration is open at www.discgolfunited.com for June 14th at Hickory Run!!