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Hoodoo 6 – Windy Woes Are No Match for Devin Frederick

After a week of weather speculating we managed to get the Hoodoo in without ANY rain! For you nancies that dropped, boo!
Many thanks to all the folks who got the courses prepped for the tournament. The Nocki Fall Country Club always provides many scenic views!
Congrats to our winners today!! Devin Frederick, Richard Klinger, Marc Schoettle, Anna-Karin Wolset, Kelby Roberts, Pete Wavesly, Gabe Monck, Jamie Lepley, & Rachael Solt!!
Congrats to Hank & Rob Girard on their aces today!! Rob hole 5 at Tinicum and Hank hole 13 at Nocki.
Special thanks to Jeffrey Golden for giving up his spot to help TD at Tinicum, Thank you sir!!
Also a shoutout to our friends D-town Disc Golf….Shawn added some cash to our pro purse!!!
Without further ado, find the scores here: http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/22084



Hoodoo Info Blast


Hoodoo Update
Hoodoo6 has been full of drama and the event hasn’t event started! So here is an informal online player meeting!
Pro Players

Check-in is from 730a-830a. Jeff Golden is the on-site TD. Jeff will be setup in the lot near holes 4-5 for you all. He’ll collect any fees in the morning except for shirts. Upon the last card finishing, Jeff may ask you to transport the Scorepoint to Nocki. Figure on 60-75 minutes from last card for rd 2 start. Jeff and I will coordinate and I’ll post on Facebook a prelim start time.

I’ll have the shirts and discs at Nocki. I’ll put some of each mold to the side for Pros to have a chance to pick up.  

Am Players

Check-in is from 730a-830a. Mike Solt is the on-site TD. TD Central will be located in the lower area of Lot 13. Upon the completion of Round 1, I’ll give the ScorePoint to a player to take to Tinicum.  

NOTE: Please carpool to Tinicum and utilize the PARKING AREA NEAR HOLES 9-10 due to a wedding at the barn after lunchtime. 

Tinicum Course Rules – the canal and across is OB. If you are on the close bank of the canal and not in the water, you can bring to top of it for safety reasons. The roads and across are OB. 2-Meter Rule IS in effect! *If a teebox is unplayable, you can tee off from 3ft to either side of the box or directly behind the box*

Nocki Course Rules – will be provided at the course.

See you all tomorrow!!



Be King Open Results!

The Be King Open is a wrap. 47 people came out to the MrDiscGolf Am Championship overflow event. Many thanks again to Dynamic Discs, #keen, Gateway Disc Sports, Villas Crossing Disc Golf, and Keystone Disc Golf.
At the end of the day….the MA2 winner would have TIED for MA1 today!!!
Thanks to everyone who trekked out today…from upstate NY to West Virginia!!
See the full results here: http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/22083

MrDiscGolf Am Championship | Epic Times on the Disc Golf Course!

WOW. Where do I start. The MrDiscGolf Am Championship ended up being much more than just another disc golf event. Starting the day arriving 45 minutes before check-in and being greeted by 25 eager golfers was awesome. Blazing through check-in and having 90 disc golfers from South Carolina to Massachusetts and everywhere in between. Disc golfers with pdga numbers in the 4 digits to newer players playing their first event. Just Awesome.
This event couldnt have happened without the tremendous support of the sponsors and players! Thank you Dynamic Discs, Jeremy Rusco, Latitude 64 – Golf Discs, Gateway Disc Sports, KEEN, Gorilla Boy Disc Sports, Keystone Disc Golf, Garou Dyes, Good Karma Disc Golf, Hyzer Flip Disc Golf Apparel, Phat Cat Nation Boyertown, Lehigh Valley Disc Club (LVDC) – Official Site, Lancaster Area Frisbee Sports, Paradise Falls, United Chains Disc Golf Co., Zing Mini Discs, Craig Henninger, Norman Hansen Construction, NJ Ink, Villas Crossing Disc Golf, Grains & Chains & Jon Jo Productions.
This event for me, has been the most work behind the scenes that I’ve done for an event. With saying such, the best reward for me today was that I thoroughly enjoyed nothing more than to see the camaraderie, smiles, handshakes, hug, back pats, and overall jovial spirits from everyone in attendance.
Thank you all who came out….thank you all who supported the event and a special thanks to our friends and family who we disconnect from on weekends while we’re out chucking plastic at metal!
Without further ago….congrats to all the winners! Congrats to Ty Matias on his CTP win for the KEEN shoes.

Hoodoo Update

Well…I couldn’t take it anymore.  I can’t tell you how phone calls, emails, texts and PMs I’ve received asking me to do something about the Hoodoo.   While I can’t please everyone…you know I sure try.

If this year has taught us anything…it’s to be prepared for change.   2015, the year of detours!

To your praise or dismay, the Hoodoo is not to be excepted from change.  We will now be playing 1 round at Tinicum and 1 round at Nockamixon.  Pros will report to Tinicum in the morning while the Ams will meet at Nockamixon.   At the end of the day…awards and prizing will take place at Nockamixon.   For you ams that drive twice, I’m sorry.

More spots are now open at DiscGolfUnited!!!

Going forward….the Hoodoo will return to a 1 weekend…2 day….pro day/am day event so this kind of change will no longer need to happen.

Thanks everyone.